Testimonials About Matt

While on the Board, Matt Kinsey led the effort to rewrite our Church Bylaws, allowing us to separate financial decision making from spiritual matters. As a result, the spiritual matters of the church now receive the attention they deserve regardless of the financial condition of the church. This separation has resulted in an improved situation both financially and spiritually.

Rev. Bob Cohee
Sr. Pastor (Retired), Coral Springs Community Church

I have always found Matt Kinsey to be a person of high integrity and superior skill. He is intelligent, savvy and a quality person that seems to make a positive contribution wherever he is and with whatever he does.

Leo Martel
Executive Director, BNI Broward

Matt Kinsey is a man of integrity and intelligence who goes the extra mile to help everyone… Matt is a passionate and knowledgeable Toastmaster who is an asset to Toastmasters… He has an international focus to help Toastmasters grow across the world.

Catherine MacGillivray, DTM
Past Division Governer, District 73

Matt’s commitment to integrity and excellence extends beyond the boundaries of Toastmasters because that is who Matt is at his core… I have no doubt that in any leadership role he would undertake, Matt would serve all Toastmasters with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Kimberly D. Boyd, DTM
Past District Governer, District 68

Matt Kinsey stands out as someone who always uplifts the people around him. Every time I speak with him, I am struck with the thought “wow, I am someone who can make a big difference!”… I wholeheartedly support Matt and believe Toastmasters will be forever be improved because of his contribution, example, and leadership.

Ben Lappen
Past District Governer, District 31