One of my passions in life is to get on a bike and ride.  I’ve been riding bikes, both competitively and recreationally, for the last 35 years.

I got my start in riding when I was 14. I had to arrive at school at 5:45 am for cross country practice if we didn’t have a meet.  My father worked evenings, not getting home until midnight or later, and my mother was not a morning person. We bought a cheap 10-speed bike, so I could ride the 5 miles to and from school each day to compete in sports.

I’ve had the opportunity to ride with some well-known cyclists, including some who competed in the Tour de France. While my personal performance never rose to that level, the lessons I’ve learned in cycling have impacted me greatly.

I’m a founding member of CSP Express, a local cycling group in my hometown.  We have grown to over 800 riders and offer 5 organized rides each week, 3 on the road and 2 gravel rides on the levee between our city and the Everglades. We have also been able to get local governments to post signage and make traffic changes to remind drivers and cyclists to share the roads. I’ve been the technology adviser to the Board for the entire time.

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While on the Board, Matt Kinsey led the effort to rewrite our Church Bylaws, allowing us to separate financial decision making from spiritual matters. As a result, the spiritual matters of the church now receive the attention they deserve regardless of the financial condition of the church. This separation has resulted in an improved situation both financially and spiritually.

Rev. Bob Cohee
Sr. Pastor (Retired), Coral Springs Community Church

Matt Kinsey the candidate for Toastmasters International 2nd Vice President